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What makes us better?
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Troy Steel Industrial Service specializes in many aspects of removal and clean up.  Listed below are some of the things we have done.

1) Scrap metal removal services

2.  Disposal of obsolete heavy equipment

3.  Disposal of conveyors\4. 

4.  Industrial Equipment removal

5.  Railcar and container removal

6.  Disaster clean up

Dependable and Honest

Troy Steel Industrial Service , are more than just the average scrap and clean up business. We care about the environment, and ensure that after the job is completed, we remove all waste and materials in an environmentally friendly manner. We take great pride in all our work and services, and are a family owned business committed to making a difference.

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We specialize in many aspects of removal and clean up.

Listed are just some of the things we have done.  

1. Scrap metal removal services

2. Disposal of Obsolete heavy equipment

3. Disposal of conveyors and conveyor towers, tanks

4. Industrial Equipment removal

5. Removal abandoned rail cars and storage containers

If you want further information regarding our demolition and disaster removal and clean-up services in South/Central Texas and Louisiana, call us now at 830-875-9088.

Business Hours

Monday - Friday 

  •  8:00 am - 4:30 pm

During holidays hours are subject to change.

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