Get Complete Demolition and Disaster Cleanup Services at Cost-Effective Rates from Troy Steel Inc.


Troy Steel Inc. is committed to working in a professional manner with clear boundaries for protecting the environment. We provide comprehensive tank removal, disaster clean-up, and disposal services. Located in South/Central Texas, we are experts in demolition and disaster clean-up services, and have all the necessary equipment, which includes trucking, grapples, hydraulic shears, loaders, and excavators.

We also provide emergency solutions and services with a fast response time to all our clients. Our expertise in tank removal, demolition, disposal, and disaster clean-up services is unparalleled. Learn more about our services below:

Demolition Service

Troy Steel Inc., owns and operates all equipment, and has experienced technicians and teams that handle all aspects of demolition projects. We are demolition specialists and can finish any project on time and within your budget, without compromising on quality. Here are some aspects of our demolition service, including different project types:

  1. Total Structure Removal

  2. Soil Remediation

  3. Site Preparation

  4. Dismantlement & Salvage

We handle all types of projects when it comes to demolition and have worked on projects for:

  1. Commercial

  2. Housing - Apartment Buildings, Condominiums & Multi-Family

  3. Industrial

Tank Removal Service
Tank and Silo removal 
Call the experts at Troy Steel Inc., who provide excavation and removal of above-ground tanks, fiberglass reinforced plastic tanks, underground fuel storage tanks, and more. We have experience in removing tanks from commercial sites for large and small businesses, and can perform above and below ground extractions and exterior removal of tanks and silos..
Disaster Clean Up

Natural disasters are sometimes inevitable. We have an affable and friendly team that cares about your loss and will help you begin your life anew after a natural calamity. Let us give you a helping hand with dedicated disaster clean-up services. We have experience in handling all disaster removal services on damaged properties, and ensure top quality services.


If you want further information regarding our demolition and disaster removal and clean-up services in South/Central Texas and Louisiana, call us now at 830-875-9088.